Re: Compassion Fatigue

EDITOR, I must congratulate you on the feature you published ‘compassion fatigue can hurt caregivers’ (TPN 4 June). What a pity though this was not published 12/18 months ago. Reading the article made me understand the emotions I went through looking after my husband who had dementia. Sadly he passed away last September and I’m now having to cope with the grieving process. Perhaps you could reprint this article every so often to help those looking after their loved ones.

LESLEY, Armação de Pêra

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Re: Short Terms Lets

EDITOR, This is a response to the Editorial by Keith Blair ref Short Term Lets.

Foreigners and Emigrants in Portugal who like to call themselves erroneously “ex-pat” are always trying to compare their country to Portugal.. their laws to Portuguese laws..

There are 2 major courts in Portugal. The Supreme Court of Justice and the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court will make decisions on the Constitution.. was it legal or illegal. The Supreme Court makes decision on specific cases.. thus not making their decision LAW.

So in essence just because the STI goes in favor of someone (person,company,etc) it DOES NOT MEAN that they have created a precedent and that from that point on all similar cases pending will be seen or decided the same way.

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