According to the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), following the entry into force, today, of joint order n.º 8022-D/2022, travellers on flights to or from mainland Portugal no longer need to present proof of a negative test, an EU Covid-19 certificate or a vaccination recovery certificate.

“With the entry into force of this new regime, air carriers and passengers are no longer subject to the restrictive measures applicable to air traffic, in the context of combating the pandemic caused by the Sars-CoV-2 virus”.

Order no. 8022-D/2022, published in the Diário da República, revokes order n.º 8022-D/2022 regarding “airports, maritime and river borders and defines the terms and requirements of the respective verification system, as well as the supervision of its operation”.

According to the diploma that came into force today, “the epidemiological situation experienced in Portugal following the Covid-19 disease pandemic has remained relatively stable, as a result of the high vaccination coverage, the emergence of new drugs for serious illness and greater knowledge about the infection”.

Additionally, “also in the international context, namely within the European Union, the evolution of the epidemiological situation no longer justify the adoption of exceptional measures in terms of air traffic, airports and maritime and river borders”.