Under the theme "festivals and pilgrimages", the Medieval Market of Óbidos is back to the streets from 21 to 31 July. The event aims to connect the present and the past through historical reenactment.

Visitors will be able to enjoy different experiences, such as dressing up in period costume, having an evening worthy of nobility, dancing with ancestral dance groups. In addition, visitors will be able to participate in the construction, during the 11 days of the event, of a sculpture of Lady Urraca, which will be 2.70m by 1.60m and will weigh three tonnes. This work will be done live by sculptor Carlos Oliveira, with a workshop in Óbidos, and the raw materials will be manure, straw, fish oil, linseed oil and pottery.

The market, which will take place around the castle, will once again be a plastic-free event and will promote activities without technological resources, with the exception of the online ticket purchase. “It is worth highlighting that all the scenographic materials are recycled, thus environmental concern remains one of the main goals of the Medieval Market of Óbidos”, the county said in a statement.

Since the first edition, the organisation of the Óbidos Market stands out for its social responsibility, namely with the support to the local groups, responsible for the famous medieval taverns of the event. At the time of its creation, it intended to give the local associations the possibility to raise funds for their activities, having allowed many of these groups to expand their facilities and support the population.

"Visitors will have access to various realities that have been developed over the years, boosting business and social associations, which creates investment value in the municipality," said Filipe Daniel, Mayor of Óbidos, adding that "the growth of this area is projected for the coming years due to its importance for the region."

In short, the Medieval Market of Óbidos is an event that plays an important role in the municipality and in the region, allowing an improvement in the living conditions of the population, while entertaining the visitors, the chamber says.

Although it is free for all Óbidos' residents, those who do not live in the municipality have to buy a ticket. However, some visitors may get a discount, namely people over 65 years old, students under 25 years old, people suffering from a disability, or all those wearing traditional clothes.

Furthermore, groups of more than 20 people can benefit from a discount as well. For further information, please visit obidos.pt and/or obidos.bol.pt.