“This new operations chart redesigns the airspace, with space assignments in time periods in the military areas of Monte Real and Sintra, contributing positively to the reduction of aircraft delays and the greater optimisation of the capacity of the terminal area and approaches to the airport”, reads a statement sent by the air navigation services provider.

NAV clarified that the new agreement was made within the framework of the Permanent Body for the Coordination of the Management and Use of Airspace (OCEA), which includes the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC), the National Aeronautical Authority (AAN), NAV Portugal and the Portuguese Air Force.

The operations letter for the summer will allow, according to NAV, “an optimisation of the conciliation of military activity and civil aviation, in air navigation services”.

“This initiative, the result of a strong and frank spirit of cooperation between the various participating entities, aims to boost more traffic, allowing new access routes to airspace in the areas surrounding Humberto Delgado airport, enhancing greater benefits for users of this infrastructure”, added the NAV.