“The outlook is for a favourable evolution (…). The situation is much more favourable than yesterday [Tuesday], but we are certainly worried about the weather conditions that we will have today”, said Luís Lopes.

Noting that the situation is “more positive”, the mayor said, however, that he has to “wait for the hottest time of the day to be able to validate” the work carried out during the night.

According to Luís Lopes, who was speaking to the Lusa agency this morning, the entire perimeter of the Milagres fire is under resolution.

“There are still consolidation and aftermath works with two crawler machines”, he specified, explaining that the workforce will be “maintained throughout the day, given that the forecast of rising temperatures and erratic winds could lead to some kinds of re-ignition”.

As for the fire that started at 12:06 on Tuesday in Caranguejeira and which is in the parishes of Boa Vista and in the Union of Parishes of Colmeias e Memória, “90% of the perimeter is already under control”, declared the councillor.

“We have a part, a small front that is now being fought using heavy air assets, crawler machines and [other] land assets”, he pointed out, admitting that by midday it could also be dominated.

The mayor added that the 104 elderly people who were transported to the Pousos pavilion are also planning to return to their homes.