“The reactivation was controlled at 14:59 and the area is now back under surveillance in the reactivation area and throughout the fire perimeter,” a source from the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) in Faro told Lusa news agency.

According to information available on the National Authority for Emergency and Civil Protection website, at 4:20 pm, 211 operatives were participating in ongoing and preventive actions for any new re-ignition, with 78 vehicles and three air assets.

The reactivation was recorded in the early afternoon, at Quinta do Lago, in Loulé, but the “prompt response” of the firefighters that were still on site under surveillance allowed the fire to be controlled, which is now again in the process of being resolved and not active, added the CDOS source.

The CDOS source in Faro had previously told Lusa that reactivations “are normal” and that firefighters “in the field” are on site to prevent them.