National Emergency and Civil Protection Commander, André Fernandes, said that regarding the Murça fire, the afternoon “may be complicated” but regarding the Chaves fire, he said that it is 90 percent stabilised.

As of 3pm today, there are 32 fires involving 1,640 personnel, 508 land assets and 17 aircraft.

The Murça fire is currently using the most assets, 729 personnel, 249 land assets and 11 air assets.

André Fernandes explained that in the district of Vila Real, preventive evacuations are being carried out.

From Monday to today, 61 people have been removed from houses and sent to a support area in Murça, but most of them have already returned home.

So far, 1,009 people have been evacuated from their homes across the country.

There have been 218 medical incidents so far, including six injuries considered serious, and three deaths, an elderly couple and a pilot following the crash of his aircraft.