According to a report by Negócios, tenants will have to prove their income, and if it has gone up, then the rent may also increase. However, rent value cannot exceed the maximum limit of 1/15th of the property's equity value (VPT).

The paper states that the measure has taken owners and tenants by surprise, who agree that the interpretation of the rule implies rents from old contracts can rise again. “[The OE law] stipulates that during the period of suspension, the rents of the leases can, in fact, be the subject of a new update provided they meet certain criteria and limits”, confirmed an official source from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Housing to the paper.

The Lisbon Owners Association (ALP) is already advising associates to ask tenants to provide proof of the family's adjusted gross annual income (RABC) for 2021, while the consumer protection association Deco and representatives of tenants fear that families will not be able to pay the new rents.