The Splendour Luxury Group is a one stop transparent service where they help their clients relocate to Portugal as well as obtain exclusive investment opportunities. Nelleke explained that “Now is an ideal time to invest due to the currency rate reaching the lowest point in 20 years, it is an optimum time to move funds and block the rate when making an investment.”

From the moment you think of investing or relocating to Portugal, the Splendour Luxury Group are at hand to provide legal and fiscal advice so they can help you with all the practicalities of moving including finance and settling in support and if you are moving with a family, they have education covered.

With regards to education, Nelleke told me that “It is a very important factor for a lot of people, not only for those moving here but also for those with potential investments, who are planning to move here in the future, in which we can help with our education programmes.”

Additionally, they can identify the right investment opportunity for you and alongside this, “we can help with all the practicalities through tailormade investment trips which allows our clients to identify the right areas and right opportunities.” Nelleke went on to explain that “Our investment trips are proving popular, in which we facilitate these trips either for a group or on an individual basis.”

“We help our clients visit their investment in person and also enjoy being in Portugal and getting to know the surroundings because it is so important to see the different parts of Portugal and understand where you do the investment or whether you want to relocate to a certain area.”

Splendour Luxury investment trips offer a good opportunity for clients to visit potential investment projects, with an example being commercial investments with guaranteed return on investments. During these trips clients can also meet up with professionals for education support or a construction company and architect to already start certain plannings.

Prior to moving or making an investment in Portugal, Splendour Luxury Group offers the complete package whereby they offer advice on how to move your money in the best possible way but also how to block the currency to give you the best possible opportunity. “For us it not only about the investment in Portugal but those key initial steps where we are happy to help you with the first stages including the best currency, with no risks at the best rates.”

“Once you arrive in beautiful Portugal, everything is taken care of through our lifestyle management where we have unparalleled concierge services. Uniquely, we are partnering up with local artists to host art events following the summer, which we believe is a great way for expats and foreigners to meet each other and we hope to invite and see our realtors there.”

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