Re. The Other Side Of The Coin

EDITOR In Reply to the letter about bad drivers..not all being Portuguese… I can heartily agree and from the point of view of almost losing my life along with my other half.

On 29 July, we were leaving our home in Luz and heading for the EN125 to go into Lagos. On the blind bend leading from the roundabout at Espiche we were shocked and horrified to be confronted by a huge black 4x4 coming at us at great speed on the wrong side of the road. In that second you have to think I thought this is it I am going to die. How my other half missed him I do not know. How this maniac kept his car on the road or didn’t kill someone is also a mystery. As he flashed by and I whipped my neck around to watch he looked at us angrily like it was our fault, we had spoiled his insane ride. HE almost flipped his car in getting back on the right side…Almost stopped ..but then sped away…

That might have been the end of the story, a close shave with a mad man (actually the third we have had in this crazy tourist season…) However sadly for me It was not. The shock had been so great that two days later saw me admitted to A&E with a TIA ( a mild stroke.) it has not felt mild to me, I lost my speech for two days. The use of my left hand for two facial muscles still need more work as will my balance I hope that man reads this…He almost killed two innocent seems fair to assume he was British as a place where you normally drive on the left. That he didn’t even stop is appalling. So I would appeal to all British drivers on holiday here to be double aware of where you are specially leaving garages or supermarkets . Our lives depend on you

Jenny Bertenshaw, Luz, Algarve

Faro Public Hospital

EDITOR, The worst hospital I have ever been to anywhere in the world. I’ve travelled to some of the most underdeveloped countries; Africa, Asia, etc. But Faro Hospital emergency is a disgrace and their doctors are an insult to the medical profession. After my last visit, I said that I would rather die than go to that place again.

My wife is pregnant and was bleeding severely, felt weak and dizzy. She was rushed to this ‘hospital’ in an ambulance. She was wheeled into the triage alone because they refused to let anyone else in (which is very unusual). There the nurse actually complained to her that she shouldn’t waste the nurse’s time by coming to the hospital. The nurse then told my wife to go out and wait for the doctor but said ‘’you can leave the wheelchair’’!

When she eventually saw the doctor he did an INTERNAL ultrasound (which is against medical protocol when a woman is bleeding). He then told her bluntly that she has probably lost the baby and to wait for her next examination!

She is still bleeding but refuses to go back to that ‘abattoir’.

This is the Portuguese doctors and medical system! Untrained, inhumane, ignorant and stupid!

Portugal and the Portuguese doctors are worse than any third-world country.

I understand if you are ‘lucky’ enough to be actually dying, then the medical system can be quite good, but otherwise for the majority of people, it’s a disgrace.

Vlad, Albufeira, By email