In a statement, the group indicated that the investment will be focused on structures located between the areas of Vilamoura and Quinta do Lago, two locations on the coast of the municipality of Loulé.

The group pointed out that the investment of 5.4 million euros with the opening last Friday of a nightlife space in Vilamoura, “reinforces confidence in the dynamism of the main tourist region of the country”.

In 2020, they added, 2.5 million euros were invested, with the reopening in Quinta do Lago of a space that functions as a bar, restaurant and club, “which was joined this year by chef José Avilez”.

“In addition to these investments, the group has also acquired new spaces next to the Vilamoura Marina, (…) reserved for the construction, at the beginning of 2023, of a new fish and seafood restaurant, representing an investment estimated at €3 million”.

According to that business group and within the scope of its social responsibility policy, “a high quality space will be built to be offered” to the Clube de Vela de Vilamoura, which will function as the club’s headquarters, changing rooms and a social area for athletes.

The forecast of the announced investments also includes the transformation of the former facilities of the Vilamoura Fiscal Guard into a restaurant area and a centre for integrated nautical activities, with a value of €2.6 million.

The group says that it will make their first steps into the hotel industry, after acquiring the complex of the former Estalagem da Cegonha.

“In this case, a careful intervention will be carried out, valued at 4.4 ME, in the set of buildings that are in the phase of classification as Municipal Heritage because they are recognized as the first construction of the current Vilamoura”.

The project includes the restoration of the Estalagem da Cegonha, which currently has 24 rooms, and the surrounding area, with swimming pools and a garden.