Siux will supply sports clothing and bags for padel rackets to the A, youth and veteran teams. In turn, the referees, trainers and staff will receive sports clothes, as will the Federation's board members, who will wear the equipment provided by the Spanish padel brand.

Siux will provide this equipment on an annual basis and also undertakes to provide the clothing to the National Championships and Masters, dressing the players with the official jersey.

The promotion of the Siux brand will also take place on the different FPP digital channels, such as its website, social networks and press releases. Siux will have visibility in all tournaments organized by the Portuguese Padel Federation, both national and international (world and European), where the Portuguese National Team participates.

The duration of this agreement begins on 27 June 2022 and ends on 31 December 2023, with the possibility of extension until 2025.

Portugal has contributed to the international growth of padel, with an estimated quarter of a million padel players in the country. On the professional circuits, Portuguese players also play an important role. It is important to highlight that the women's padel team was European Champion in the event celebrated in Holland.

Also worthy of mention is the boost given to padel among young people. Through a programme of collaboration with the education system, the sport has been developed in the youth categories, bringing the sport closer to all the schools in the country.


The Portuguese Padel Federation has ten years of experience, contributing to the growth of this sport in the country. It is the regulatory entity for padel in Portugal. Its mission is the organization and tutelage of padel competitions in the country, promoting the sport in the national territory.


It is a Spanish brand that is part of the Pro Padel Group, leader in the creation of avant-garde padel rackets. It was born in 2012 with the aim of optimizing the performance of the professional game and produces rackets, textile material and accessories of the highest quality and with cutting-edge technology.

Its team includes stars of the padel world, such as Franco Stupaczuk, Paty Llaguno, Lucho Capra, Javi Ruiz, Álvaro Cepero, Jimena Velasco, Uri Botello and Nuria Vivancos.

Siux is the Official Racket of the Spanish Padel Federation and the Mexican Padel Federation. It is also the official sponsor of the French Padel Association in Belgium and official sponsor of the Portuguese Padel Federation.