Designed by Rafaela Mendes, Be Dandelion is a new project aimed at all cancer patients coming on holiday. This is its first step in health tourism and will take place in Centro Cultural de Lagos.

"The idea is to work on wellness and health tourism here in the Algarve, which is something that is still very much associated with plastic surgery," she said.

According to her: "Be Dandelion is mainly aimed at giving cancer patients the tools to use on the most difficult and challenging days. Unfortunately, every day the number of cancer cases increases in the world”.

Therefore, Be Dandelion has three packs available in Lagos. "The first pack is more introspective, more about self-knowledge. The second pack is more creative. It is a time when we work a lot on the physical body, the mind, the structure, the volume of the body. Fitting this into the truth of each person's life and understanding what the person likes about their body, what they feel super proud of, and also what they don't like and why. As for the third and final one, it's the most complete of all and is basically the one where we do everything," she told me.

"The packs were thought out because each patient had their own experiences in life," Rafaela said.

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