In the third provisional report on rural fires for 2022, the ICNF specifies that of the total burned area, 28,897 hectares were populated, 23,338 was scrubland and 6,119 were agriculture.

Comparing the figures for 2022 with the history of the previous 10 years, the ICNF notes that there were 6% fewer rural fires, but 59% more burned area, compared to the annual average.

The year 2022, with data up to 31 July, has the fifth highest value in number of fires and the third highest value of burned area since 2012.

This year, July is the month with the highest number of rural fires, 40% of the total, being also the month with the most burned area, 46,996 hectares, which represents 81% of the entire burned area recorded this year.

The numbers also indicate that this year fires with a burned area of ​​less than one hectare are the most frequent (82% of the total). As for large fires, the ICNF reports, by the end of July, 12 fires with a burned area greater than or equal to 1,000 hectares.

The five biggest fires this year all occurred in July, and the one that consumed the most area was the one that broke out in the municipality of Murça, Vila Real, on July 17 (7,058 hectares). This is followed by the fire in Pombal, Leiria, with 5,126 hectares of burned area (on July 8th).

In third place, the fire in Chaves, Vila Real, on 15 July, with 3,368 hectares burned, then Carrazeda de Ansiães, Bragança, on 7 July, with 3,330 hectares burned, and Ourém, Santarém, also on 7 July, which consumed 2,936 hectares.