Cosmos (ATOM) is reaching for the stars

Cosmos (ATOM) aims to help facilitate the “Internet of Blockchains,” where any blockchain can mesh with another to communicate, share data, and transact. Because of the current fragmentation of hundreds of different blockchains, it becomes a competitive minefield where valuable projects get crushed due to their lack of compatibility with other networks. This only hurts the world of crypto, and Cosmos seems to have the solution.

If Cosmos (ATOM) can solve these issues in the crypto-sphere, its price potential could be massive. Currently trading around $11.55 in August 2022, it’s not unreasonable to expect that Cosmos (ATOM) could one day be worth $1500 a token, like Ethereum, as it becomes more instrumental in the development of other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple (XRP) is making waves in the financial world

Ripple (XRP) also looks like an excellent buy for the next decade. Ripple (XRP) was built to solve a fundamental problem in the world of finance: slow, expensive international transactions. Instead of banks taking up to a week to send money from one corner of the globe to another with each intermediary taking a slice of the pie, Ripple (XRP) lets users send money globally with near-instant transactions that cost fractions of a cent.

As Ripple Labs develops the blockchain further and more partnerships are announced (big names like MoneyGram, American Express, and Santander are already on the roster), the potential for huge price increases becomes more likely. Currently trading at $0.38, it’s not difficult to imagine XRP trading for $38 a token in a few years. (CRNO) looks ready to deliver massive gains

As investors seek out projects with real-world utility, one name is cropping up consistently: The token (CRNO) is currently in presale, already up 560% on its first round of sales. Put simply, is aiming to bring luxury watch ownership to the masses. Like already-successful fractional art ownership projects, has created a decentralized marketplace where users can trade shares in some of the world’s most exclusive watch brands, like Rolex, Richard Mille, and Patek Philippe, for as little as $10.

Using the power of NFTs, has minted a limited number of NFTs backed by real watches held in secure vaults worldwide. Luxury watches have always been a secure investment, as their supply is naturally limited, and demand constantly increases.

The (CRNO) token fuels the marketplace, which users can stake for passive income, receive discounts on transaction fees, and hold for a chance to be entered into a prize draw each month to win an actual luxury watch.

Currently, CRNO’s price is sat at $0.066; out of the three coins mentioned, it seems the most likely that (CRNO) will rocket 100x to $0.66 soon. Analysts are already predicting that (CRNO) will hit between $0.75 to $1.00 by the end of presale on 27th September, a 1000% increase in just a matter of weeks.

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