"Welcome to Lagoa" is the new campaign launched on 20 August at Fatacil. With this campaign, the council aims to promote tourism in the municipality after two years of the pandemic that affected the region and the tourism sector.

"The pandemic has taught us that it is important that in the future we can diversify our economy so that we are less dependent on this activity, but we are all aware that in the short and medium term this is not possible. Tourism will continue to be our main business activity and we have to work hard to promote the best we have", said the Mayor of Lagoa, Luís Encarnação, minutes before the start of the presentation that took place at the stand of Lagoa Council in Fatacil.

5-star hotels

Besides the attractive beaches and golf courses, the mayor said that in Lagoa there are no three-star hotels, "we only have four and five-star hotels. We have high quality wines, we are pleased to welcome those who visit us and we have a fantastic coastline. All together, we have all the ingredients for Lagoa to be a perfect location," he added.

All this makes Lagoa a municipality of "great beauty, very well preserved, and with enormous harmony. These are the reasons why Lagoa attracts the best tourists to its territory”.

The video launched by the council features a local family from the municipality as its main actors and for the mayor it has a special meaning: "This video is a special project: promoting Lagoa with the residents of Lagoa".

Fatacil, which began on 19 August, will continue until 28 August, with music, exhibitions, trade, food and drink for the whole family.


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Paula Martins