Cláudia Marinho, the mayor of Viana do Castelo, said that the remodelling of the building’s interior and its 64 rooms “will be inspired by the culture of the local area, namely in fishing, filigree, in the embroideries of Viana and by the Caminhos Santiago de Compostela”.

“An investor from Viana do Castelo acquired the hotel and is starting a requalification process to reopen the themed hotel, which will be called Dona Aninhas, in February next year”.

“It is important that we receive investment, not only from businessmen from Viana, but also from foreign and international businesses. This demonstrates the atmosphere of trust regarding the dynamics of the municipality and the city”, he added.

The Dona Aninhas hotel, an investment by the Madre Turismo group, which owns hotels in the Algarve, is located in Largo Vasco da Gama, next to the city's old commercial dock, where the Gil Eannes museum ship is moored.