A possible increase in the tax burden remains at the top of the concerns of landlords, but around a third also fear that the Government will proceed with an administrative freeze on rents due to rising inflation next year, reveals the V edition of the Barómetro Confiança dos Proprietários, carried out by Lisbon Owners Association (ALP).

With regard to possible measures taken by the Executive, the increase in the tax burden on real estate remains the biggest fear expressed by the owners, with more than half of the respondents pointing to this topic as the main concern for 2023.

However, in this survey, a third of the owners (36%) indicated the maintenance of the freezing of rents in contracts prior to 1990 as their greatest fear for the coming year, while another third (34%) said they feared the possibility of an administrative freeze by the Government of all incomes due to escalating inflation.

On the other hand, the study also reveals that almost two thirds of the surveyed landlords (64.7%) say they support freezing old rental agreements, and the majority (97.9%) do not believe that the Government will have the political courage to end this measure, which covers lease contracts concluded before 1990.