According to CNN and Jornal de Notícias, the MP decided to “open an investigation”, as well as “carry out an autopsy” on the body of the 34-year-old woman, who was 31 weeks pregnant and died after having suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest during the ambulance transfer from Hospital de Santa Maria to San Francisco Xavier.

In addition to the MP, the General Inspection of Health Activities (IGAS) also announced that it will analyse the case. In a statement sent to the newsrooms, they indicate that “it was determined to initiate an inspection of the transfer of a pregnant patient from the Hospital de Santa Maria, integrated in the Centro Hospitalar Universitário Lisboa Norte, E.P.E., to the Hospital de São Francisco Xavier, integrated in the Centro Hospitalar de Lisboa Ocidental, E.P.E., for an alleged inexistence of a vacancy in the Neonatology Service of the first hospital unit to admit the baby when the delivery was provoked”.

With this inspection, the IGAS aims to understand the “reason why the patient was transferred”, “who were responsible for the transfer decision and under what clinical assumptions they ensured that the patient could be transferred safely, what was the situation of the Neonatology Service of the Hospital de Santa Maria on the date of transfer of the patient, in what circumstances the death occurred" and if "there were alternative and safer solutions to the transfer of the patient".