Promoted by the town hall, in partnership with Somincor, the event takes place at Parque da Liberdade.

The official opening session is scheduled for 6 p.m. today and is expected to be chaired by the Minister of Economy and Sea, António Costa e Silva.

The event aims to "celebrate and promote the mining industry" and "one of the most important mining enterprises in Europe - the Neves-Corvo Mine," the municipality highlighted.

The Neves-Corvo mine, where around 2,000 people work, produces mainly copper and zinc concentrate, and is owned by Somincor, a company of Canadian group Lundin Mining.

The socio-economic reality of the municipality is "strongly linked to mining activity, and it is important to value the men and women who daily contribute to extracting the copper and zinc from the depths of this land," argued the local authority.

Throughout this weekend, the festival aims to become a meeting point for art, music and heritage of centuries of mining tradition.

The line-up includes Fogo Fogo and Virgul (tonight), Sara Correia and Tim (Saturday) and also the stand-up comedy of Ana Arrebentinha and the music of Kumpania Algazarra (Sunday), although the line-up also includes other musical projects through the performances of "Os Ganhões" from Castro Verde, "Os Mineiros" from Aljustrel and the Choral Group of Turón (from Asturias, Spain), as well as the group of "Viola Campaniça" from Castro Verde.

Plastic arts, exhibitions, conferences, gastronomy, initiatives linked to the mining activity and exhibitors are other activities of the event.