In the meeting of the executive, a proposal will be voted on to open a procedure to draw up the regulations of the Municipal Tourist Tax, revealed on 2 September the council of Coimbra, in a press release sent to the Lusa News Agency.

"The aim is to mitigate the social and environmental impact left by those who visit the city," justified the municipality, which assumes the goal of taxing overnight stays in the municipality as early as 2023.

After the opening of the procedure has been approved, there will be "a period of 10 working days for interested parties and contributions to be given".

The Municipal Tourist Tax aims "to ensure that this objective is pursued without compromising the competitiveness of the municipality in the context of the region, the country and even internationally," he said.

The press release notes that 709,504 overnight stays were recorded in 2019, pointing out that this sector, although it "promotes economic and social development, it also implies an overload on public services".

"It is important to respond to the extent of the growth in demand and promote public policies that are directed towards the provision of a sustainable environment," the note reads.

The possible rate, exemptions and reductions to be considered, among other elements, "will be set later by the municipal executive".