Most family homes in Portugal have more than 100 square metres (m2) of floor area, according to provisional data from INE's Censos 2021.

"In mainland Portugal there are 2,027,577 classic family residences with more than 100 m2 of useful area," according to Marktest. "This figure represents 51.2 percent of the total number of homes (which amounts to nearly 4 million)."

According to the research company, this proportion of homes with a bigger living area register "important differences in the territory", adding that the Tagus River presents itself almost as a "natural barrier" to distinguish the municipalities with homes that have a bigger living area (to the North) from those with a smaller living area (to the South).

Despite this, Mourão, in the Alentejo, is the municipality with the highest proportion of homes with the largest space: in this locality, 77.9 percent of homes have more than 100 m2. In Oliveira do Bairro and Miranda do Douro this proportion reaches 74 percent and in 10 other municipalities it also exceeds 70 percent.

On the contrary, the municipality of Amadora is the one that presents the lowest proportion of homes with the largest floor area: only 24.7 percent of its homes have more than 100 m2. In the municipalities of Moita and Barreiro this figure is 30 percent and in 9 other municipalities it does not reach 40 percent.