In the notice, the municipality of Valença, in the district of Viana do Castelo, explains that "the aging of the population is currently a phenomenon increasingly present in society" and that "the trend towards growth of the elderly population is one of the most noticeable features of Portuguese society.

"Portugal is part of the group of European countries that register the highest rates of aging, and our municipality has followed this demographic trend," the document states.

According to the municipality, "it is with this portrait, of an aging country, that it becomes necessary to create responses and structures that minimize the effects of isolation, loneliness and the lack of family support and that simultaneously create conditions for them to remain longer in their environment, promoting their active aging".

"The municipality of Valença, in partnership with institutions in the area, has created a support measure at the level of home teleassistance. This measure will allow individuals, in a health, security or simply a loneliness emergency, to immediately contact, through an emergency button, the necessary means to solve the problem", sustains the municipality.

According to the Valença City Hall, this service "will make it easier for people to stay in their natural environment and with quality of life".