In a statement, the municipal company Ágora - Culture and Sports clarifies that the line "Resumes Sports", which appeared in 2021 to help minimize the impact of restrictive measures of sports activity due to the pandemic of covid-19, will make the program "a regular support for the preparation of sports seasons".

In the first edition, the program awarded 70 thousand euros to 55 sports entities and clubs in the municipality, and in this second edition, a 30 percent increase in the amount to be awarded, to 100 thousand euros, to 51 sports clubs.

The amounts to be awarded under the program are divided into two categories, with federated entities being one and the second being sport clubs with less than 100 athletes now receiving 1,793.72 euros, while federated entities with more than two sports or more than 100 athletes now receiving 2,242.15 euros.

The support will be formalized on Thursday, with the contract signing session scheduled for 6pm at the Casa de Chá in the Parque da Pasteleira.

Quoted in the statement, the councillor for Youth and Sports of the Municipality of Porto, Catarina Araújo, points out that the "coming years will be challenging" and that, for this reason, the municipality "continues to work on the relationship of greater proximity with all sports agents and betting on the communities of the city”.

"We have transformed this instrument of support into a regular financial incentive, with as little bureaucracy as possible, for the purchase of sports equipment as well as sports medicine" she adds.