Members of the BE party consider that, in the way it was implemented, free public transport for students under 23 creates “inequalities and injustices” because it only covers those who have tax residency in the capital, leaving out many other students.

Free public transport in Lisbon for young higher education students up to the age of 23, including the exception of those enrolled in Medicine and Architecture courses up to the age of 24, has a mandatory requirement for students to be tax domiciled in the municipality, which excludes displaced persons, including those benefiting from scholarships.

“Lisbon is one of the cities with the most displaced students, and these are the students who find it most financially difficult to maintain their study path”, said deputy Isabel Neto in the presentation of the recommendation.

Isabel Neto also mentioned that this free transport for students under the age of 23 should “gradually” be extended to the entire Lisbon Metropolitan Area.

To the deputies, the vice-president of the Lisbon Chamber, Filipe Anacoreta Correia (CDS-PP), said that the municipality “has no objection that the pass can be extended”.

“The goal is that [free] is not just for Lisbon, but that it is a measure that makes its way in the metropolitan area and that can be extended to the entire country, but that does not depend on us”.

BE's recommendation was approved with the votes against Aliança, Iniciativa Liberal, CDS-PP and Chega and the votes in favour of the remaining benches (BE, Livre, PEV, PSD, PS, PCP, PAN, PPM, MPT and deputies not enrolled).