Petrol is to increase by around 2.5 cents per litre on Monday, and diesel will be 1.5 cents more expensive per litre, according to CNN Portugal.

If these values ​​are confirmed, the rise in the price of diesel will counteract the declines seen in recent weeks. As for petrol, which has seen prices remaining stable since September 5, there will be an increase again.

This week, a litre of simple diesel was sold on average in mainland Portugal for 1.735 euros, so next week it should rise to around 1.75 euros. At the beginning of this month of September, the price was at 1,887 euros per litre.

Simple gasoline has a price of 1.683 euros per litre this week, so it should rise to a value of around 1.708 euros next week, when at the beginning of September it was 1.78 euros per litre.