The suspension of new Local Accommodation registrations in the two parishes was approved with the favourable votes of the independent movement “Aqui Há Porto”, PS, BE, PAN and CDU, and with the abstention of PSD, Chega and three deputies from the independent movement.

For the PSD, Rodrigo Passos said “it is not possible to vote in favour” of the suspension of an activity that “brought so many benefits to the city”.

Considering that the suspension of new registrations is “a small bandage for a big wound”, the social democrat recalled that it was Local Accommodation that made it possible to “rehabilitate places that would never be rehabilitated” in the city.

“At a time like this, when we see rampant inflation, starting to suspend new licensing raises several dangers”, highlighted Rodrigo Passos, appealing to the executive to be quick in the presentation of the draft regulation.

The elected member of BE, Susana Constante Pereira, welcomed the “change of direction by the executive”, while regretting that the suspension “feels late”.

“The moment is late given the crisis that is already being experienced in the city”, defended Susana Constante Pereira, saying that “active measures” are necessary.

The suspension of the authorisation of new registrations of local accommodation establishments in the União de Freguesias de Cedofeita, St. Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, S. Nicolau, Vitória and in the parish of Bonfim have “immediate effects”, coming into force today (11 October).

The suspension will be in force for a period of six months, “extendable for an equal period, or, alternatively, if this occurs first, until the entry into force of the regulation”.