"At the request of Ukraine and in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, we will make available to Ukraine our fleet of Kamov helicopters which, due to the current scenario, and the sanctions imposed on Russia, we are no longer able to operate, in fact they do not have their airworthiness certificates and we won't be able to repair them", announced Helena Carreiras.

Speaking to the Portuguese press in Brussels, at the end of the meeting of defense ministers of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), in which the war in Ukraine was discussed, the minister pointed out that "six helicopters need repairs, one of them is inoperative because it crashed".

Helena Carreiras stressed that these six Kamov helicopters, which will be "transferred as they are", will be "very useful to Ukraine".

The idea is for the transfer of aircraft to take place "as quickly as possible", said Helena Carreiras.

At this meeting, the Allies also agreed to maintain military support for Ukraine.

"The countries have demonstrated, in an absolutely clear way, their intention to continue to support Ukraine and, therefore, there is a great harmony of positions between the Allies", observed the Portuguese minister responsible.

In the case of Portugal, the country has already mobilised individual equipment, weapons, ammunition, armoured vehicles, a communications system and drones, health and medical equipment for Ukraine, and has also expressed its willingness to welcome refugees and wounded fighters, as well as to train Ukrainian soldiers.