“We took an important decision related to the establishment of a military support mission, a military training mission, to support Ukraine, which will essentially be based in Germany and Poland and Portugal will also participate, as well as the other European countries”.

Speaking to Portuguese journalists at the end of the meeting of EU Foreign Ministers, in Luxembourg, João Gomes Cravinho recalled that “there are new Ukrainian soldiers who are entering the service and who need training and there will also be a need for specialised training in the use of certain types of equipment”.

“What is planned is the travel of Ukrainian soldiers to Poland and Germany for specific, short-term training”, also stipulating “the participation of Portuguese soldiers in these actions, as well as the participation of Ukrainian soldiers in training activities in Portugal, namely in tanks”, this last action is already within the scope of another bilateral initiative, said the minister.

“In the coming days, the Ministry of Defense will be able to provide details”, concluded the head of Portuguese diplomacy.