The stock of homes for sale in the country fell by 23 percent between the third quarter of 2022 and the same period of 2021, according to a study by idealista.

Where has supply dropped most?

The offer of housing for sale in Portugal dropped in 18 district capitals in the last year. The city where the available stock to buy a house fell the most was Vila Real (-39%), followed by Porto (-36%), Faro (-33%) and Lisbon (-31%). The list goes on with Beja (-27%), Coimbra (-25%), Viana do Castelo (-24%), Braga (-19%), Viseu (-19%), Leiria (-18%), Funchal ( -18%), Setúbal (-15%), Ponta Delgada (-11%), Aveiro (-11%),

The supply of houses to buy fell by less than 10% in Portalegre (-5%), Guarda (-3%), Évora (-2%) and Castelo Branco (-1%).

Although there are fewer houses to buy in most Portuguese district capitals, there were cities that bucked this trend. This was the case in Bragança, where, on the contrary, the offer of houses for sale rose by 22%. Santarém also saw the stock of houses for sale rise by 5% in this period.