Shopping for essential food items already costs more than €214 to families, according to price monitoring by DECO Proteste. Since February, the price of the food basket has already increased by more than €30.

"A basket of essential foodstuffs currently costs 214.30 euros, 30.67 euros more (16.71%) more than it cost on February 23, the eve of the beginning of the armed conflict in Ukraine and the date on which we started this analysis", states DECO Proteste.

In the last week alone - between 12 and 19 October - the basket recorded an increase of 1.81 percentage points, which represents an increase of 3.80 euros.

Since February 23, DECO Proteste has been monitoring the price of a basket of 63 essential food products that includes goods such as turkey, chicken, hake, horse mackerel, onions, potatoes, carrot, banana, apple, orange, rice, spaghetti, sugar, ham, milk, cheese and butter.

"The increases have been felt in all food categories, and it has been, above all, meat and fish that have seen their prices rise the most", explains DECO.

What prices have gone up the most?

The ten products that saw their price increase the most between February 23 and October 19 were fresh hake (up 78%), broccoli (up 48%), kale (up 41%), and white sugar (up 41%), semi-skimmed milk (up 34%), oranges (up 34%), tomato pulp (up 34%), whole chicken (up 31%), turkey steak (up 31%) and cake flour (up 29 percent).