According to a report by idealista, there are 47 municipalities that have prices well above the national median. But the good news is that in 254 of the 301 municipalities with data available from INE, the median price of houses sold is lower than the national reference.

There are still 209 municipalities in the country where buying a house costs less than €1,000 euros/m2, and it is possible to buy a house for less than €100,000

It should be noted that in the analysis of house prices practiced in Portuguese municipalities, INE does not have data available for 7 of the 308 municipalities that make up the country: Mesão Frio, Penedono, Vila Nova de Paiva, Barrancos, Corvo, Lajes das Flores and Santa Cruz das Flores.

Where is it cheapest to buy a house?

It is in the interior of the country that you can find the municipalities where purchasing a house is more affordable. Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, in the district of Guarda, is where families can buy the cheapest houses of all, as the median price per m2 is €177.

In the district of Guarda, you can find four of the 10 municipalities that have the lowest house prices in the whole country. In addition to the municipality of Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo, this list also includes Almeida (234 euros/m2), Fornos de Algodres (237 euros/m2) and Mêda (243 euros/m2).

In Vila Velha de Ródão, a house costs, in average terms, 219 euros/m2. In addition to this municipality, the district of Castelo Branco has Penamacor, where house prices have been set at 259 euros/m2 in median terms, according to the data.

The only municipality in the Portuguese islands that is among the cheapest municipalities to buy a house is Santa Cruz da Graciosa, on the island of Graciosa (Azores), where buying a house costs 242 euros/m2.

Where is it more expensive to buy a house?

The metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, along with the Algarve, are represented in the 10 municipalities where it is most expensive to buy a house in Portugal. It is Lisbon that takes first place, with a housing cost of 3,704 euros/m2, a value almost three times higher than the national median (of 1,402 euros/m2), according to data from the national statistics office.

Next is Cascais, where buying a house costs 3,276 euros/m2. Completing the municipalities that represent the district of Lisbon in this ranking is Oeiras (2,822 euros/m2) in fourth position.

It is in the district of Faro, in the Algarve, that the largest number of municipalities are concentrated (5 out of 10) where buying a house is most expensive. Loulé has a price per m2 of 2,873 euros, and in Lagos, buying a house costs, in average terms, 2,547 euros/m2.

The only municipality in Greater Porto that appears on this list is Porto. This is the sixth municipality where buying a house is more expensive in the country, with a cost of 2,412 euros/m2.