Health insurers are being pressured by medical service providers to reflect the cost increases they are experiencing in their premiums, this is one of the conclusions of the panel discussion of the 3rd ECOseguros Conference, which included the leaders of Multicare, of the Fidelidade group, from Ageas and Advance Care.

The growth of the Health insurance is set to rise by at least 10%, believes Maria João Sales Luís, CEO of Multicare, a figure similar to the general increase in prices. “Families will have more difficulties, but we are faced with service networks with increased costs that will lead to higher premiums”.

For Eduardo Consiglieri Pedroso, responsible for a large part of the health area of ​​the Ageas Portugal Group, where Médis is integrated, prices will rise because “the population is aging and will have to pay more to have the same level of coverage that it has” , in addition to adding that “there is pressure from our providers to make price adjustments, which will partly be reflected in the final consumer price”.