During the hearing by the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, in the Budget and Finance, Economy, Public Works, Planning and Housing and Environment and Energy committees, Duarte Cordeiro announced that the Government had identified “other territories in the country [ affected by the drought], namely, the Alentejo coast”, area where the Government intends to implement, next year, a water efficiency plan – with an investment of €57 million already underway in the interconnection of the Alqueva with the Sado supply system and Mira.

In addition to this plan, Duarte Cordeiro said that the “possibility of the existence of a desalination plant for the Alentejo coast area” is being studied, which will serve to respond “to the identified needs” and which are under pressure from the tourism sector, industrial production and agricultural. As for financing, the official said that the possibility of resorting to private or community investment is on the table.

It will be in the Algarve that mainland Portugal will inaugurate the first desalination plant that will serve as a complement to the current Multi-municipal Water Supply System for human consumption in the region.

Scheduled to be completed in March 2026, the work, valued at €45 million, is currently in the development phase of the necessary studies to be able to put the contract out to tender.