“Given the current epidemiological data, which indicate an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases in the Brazilian population, the Collegiate Board [leadership team] understood that it was necessary to resume the mandatory use of face protection masks in airports and aircraft, in order to contain the spread of the disease in the population that uses these environments, whether for work or for travel”, says a note released by the local health agency Anvisa.

According to a report by ECO, TAP announced this measure to passengers with connections to Brazil through a publication on Twitter. “Effective on 25 NOV 22, the new ANVISA resolution decrees that the use of a face mask is mandatory inside terminals, means of transport and other establishments in the airport area. In this way, passengers departing or destined for airports in Brazilian territory must have a face mask for this purpose”, says the Portuguese airline.

The Brazilian standard prohibits the use of acrylic or plastic masks, with exhalation valves, “handkerchiefs, cloth bandanas or any other material that is not characterised as a protective mask for professional or non-professional use”.