The PJ said in a statement that the 43-year-old detainee was wanted for “crimes against people” since the date she left her country of residence, in August, with two children, aged 5 and 9, “contrary to a court order to hand over the children to the other parent”.

“The wife and two children had an itinerant life, without any source of income, and were located in a casual dwelling, without any conditions of habitability”, according to the PJ note.

The children were placed in the custody of a child emergency support institution, and the situation was reported to the Family and Minors Court, in order to proceed with the judicial acts necessary to comply with the order of delivery of the children to the father issued by the German authorities.

According to the PJ, the detainee was present at the Évora Court of Appeal, in order to assess the legal procedures associated with the extradition process to Germany, and was held in preventive detention.