Despite being broadcast at 4 pm on TVI and Sport TV1, the game was the most watched of the day in Portugal.

The broadcast of the game on TVI recorded an average audience value of 23.9% (2.261 million individuals), joining another 129,000 viewers from Sport TV1. With a share value of 64.5%, six out of ten viewers who were tuned in would be watching the broadcast, according to Carat's analysis. 95% of viewers watched the game on TVI.

Brazil vs Serbia, broadcast on RTP1 and Sport TV1, recorded an accumulated audience of 1.742 million viewers.

With the transmission of the Portugal Game on TVI, the weight per channel was changed, notes Carat. RTP1 (four broadcasts) captured 45% of the viewers who tuned in to see the Qatar World Cup. SIC (two matches) captured 20% of viewers and TVI (Portuguese match) got 22%. Sport TV, broadcasting all games, recorded 13%.

The audience accumulated in these five days of the World Cup was 10,359,484 viewers, which gives an average of 2,071,897 per day.