The Public Ministry (MP)has brought charges against a woman, suspected of taking advantage of the functions she performed at Lisbon Airport to deceive passengers when she checked in or booked airline tickets for them.

In a statement released on its official website, the Regional Attorney General of Lisbon reveals that the defendant is accused of the crime of simple fraud, a crime of embezzlement in the continuous form, and a crime of computer forgery in the continuous form.

"The defendant worked for a company that provided services to TAP, and among the tasks, she carried out at Lisbon Airport was the check-in of passengers and the reservation of airline tickets".

"The defendant, taking advantage of the functions she performed, took monetary amounts related to excess baggage weight and other changes associated with flight reservations".

The woman "appropriated amounts she received in cash but recorded the payment in the computer system as if it had been made using a bank card, the number of which she removed from cards belonging to other passengers".

The MP asks that "€2,125 be forfeited to the State, an amount which the defendant took".

The incidents occurred between May 30, 2021, and February 9, 2022.