“The return on the economic studies carried out in relation to Madrid represents an economic benefit of around 350 million euros. I assume that Portugal will have an economic return of this magnitude”, said José Sá Fernandes, in the parliamentary committee on Culture, Communication, Youth and Sports.

In a hearing requested by the PSD to explain the preparation work for this event, the coordinator of the project group for WYD, which will take place in the capital, between 1 and 6 August 2023, stated that the meeting point for young people is in the Loures area and Lisbon next to the Tagus River, but there will be other places where WYD-related events will take place, namely the Parque Eduardo VII, Belém, and Oeiras.

José Sá Fernandes underlined that this is the “biggest event that has ever taken place in Portugal, because it has always been the biggest event wherever it has taken place”.

“Nothing like this has ever been done before in Portugal, it is a huge expectation that we all feel in hosting an event of this size”, he stressed.

Pope Francis will be at WYD.