Which type of house is the most popular in Portugal depending on where you are? According to Juan-Galo Macià, President of Engel & Völkers for Spain, Portugal, and Andorra, in Portugal there is a greater demand for houses of around 300 square metres (m2), to the detriment of apartments.

The report, shared by idealista, analyses real estate transactions intermediated by the German multinational for the period 2020-2021, and presents the most sought-after types of houses by region in Portugal.

The Algarve

In the Algarve region, demand is mainly for property for second homes, particularly from foreign investors. There is a predominance of demand for single-storey houses, with about three rooms with terraces and swimming pools.

In Albufeira, demand is concentrated mainly on 4-bedroom villas with a swimming pool, garden, and sea view and with dimensions around 250 m2. T2 apartments are also in demand, with dimensions between 90 and 140 m2 with terraces. In Faro, the demand is for three-bedroom houses.

In Portimão, the data reveals a predominance of demand for houses with an average size of 284 m2 and four and five rooms, which indicates that these are intended for families. However, in the parish of Portimão, there is also a strong demand for apartments with two, three, and four rooms.

In Vilamoura, there is a predominance of demand for houses, preferably with dimensions around 300 m2, V3 and V4, with gardens, large terraces, and a swimming pool. In Vilamoura, there is also a strong demand for apartments.

The West

In the West region, more specifically in Óbidos and Caldas da Rainha, there is a strong demand for houses, which are around 250 m2, with three rooms and a swimming pool. In all other urban areas, the choice falls on apartments, with areas between 100 and 200 m2.


Porto stands out for having a high demand for villa-type properties, even in the historic centre. In the case of Nevogilde and Foz do Douro, emphasis should be placed on the dimensions sought, predominantly 300 m2. In Cedofeita, demand is centered on properties between 130 and 150 m2.


Contrary to what happens in other regions of the country, in Lisbon the demand for small apartments with relatively small areas, between 39 and 150 m2, predominates.

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