On Thursday (8 December), TAP operated 117 flights until 5pm, out of the 148 scheduled, on the first day of the crew strike, according to the latest update from the Portuguese airline.

Due to the strike called by the National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Personnel (SNPVAC), TAP is operating with minimum services decreed by the arbitration court and the airline's partners.

"Until 5pm, of the 148 flights scheduled for today [Thursday], TAP has already operated the 117 scheduled", says the operator, in a statement.

Of the 64 scheduled minimum service flights, "TAP has already operated the 54 planned" and "only one return flight to Guinea-Bissau was cancelled, but due to a lack of passengers", continues the company.

"TAP deeply regrets the situation, which harms customers, the company, and the country, and remains, as always, available to negotiate with the SNPVAC, as well as with all the unions".

The cabin crew strike notice "led TAP to cancel 360 flights, a decision taken with customer protection as a priority", with the company asking "its passengers in good time to reschedule their flights voluntarily and all passengers could ask for a reschedule or a refund".

In the statement, "TAP apologizes to all passengers for this situation and ensures that everything is being done to minimize its impact and appreciates the professionalism of all cabin crew included in the minimum services, as well as the efforts of all workers of TAP involved in this operation".

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