Getting state funds to support your business sounds like a great plan, but the consequences also have to be measured. In an interview with Bruno Simões, CEO and owner of Kapta, an IT agency, he shared his views on state funds and how companies can benefit from them without going bankrupt.

Bruno Simões founded Kapta, an IT agency, two years ago in Albufeira. This 35-year-old software developer has built a solid business that employs 18 qualified staff in the Algarve. After the last article that came out in The Portugal News 1713 edition, where we came across the professional services Kapta provides to help businesses get to the next level, we now share Bruno's views on a subject that in Portugal is becoming important on business world - state funds.

Firstly, there are essentially two types of entrepreneurs trying to get state funds - those who want to start a new company and those who already have a solid business and want to take advantage of these funds to expand.

Experience in the market

For entrepreneurs who already have experience in the market a state fund can work very well, for example, in the case of "entrepreneurs who have already had five or six companies and already know how the world of money and financial management works", because it is "necessary to know how money flows".

A completely different situation is to start a business with this kind of support. "Starting with a fund or a loan is a mistake for me. If someone has never had anything and doesn't know how to manage it, but suddenly €100,000 comes into their account, they don't know how to deal with it. They have a plan, but will they stick with it?"

On this subject, from the opinion of this entrepreneur, who in a short space of time has given real proof of success by putting his skills at the service of the business community, it is important before asking for these funds have some real experience in management.

"Most people just want support to do everything, but the real investors don't want everyone's help and go into battle. It's as simple as that. If you believe in your product enough to be able to do something for yourself, then do it," he said.

All in all, “this is all about planning, if we have a pre-made plan it is much easier to reach a goal. Opening something up just to see what happens is a mistake. Either we really know what we're going to do and what our path is or it's not really worth it," he added.

If you would like to know more about Bruno’s IT agency, please visit From his new office in Albufeira, Kapta provides software development, web design, branding, iOS/Android Apps, social media, photography, and video.


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