On social media platforms like Spotify, numbers are everything. In particular, the number of plays and followers on Spotify you stack up will have a huge impact on your overall performance. This begs the question – which are the best sites to buy Spotify plays and followers on the web right now?

Everyone knows that an established Spotify profile can be the ultimate springboard into the music industry. If you are looking to promote your music to one of the world’s most diverse audiences of listeners, Spotify is the place to head.

Still going strong in 2023, Spotify has more than 433 million active users worldwide. Over 11 million artists and creators use Spotify to promote their music, creating ferocious competition for newcomers looking to get ahead.

As part of a broader social media marketing strategy, buying likes and followers can be a real game changer. There’s no faster or easier way to inject credibility and appeal into your Spotify account.

But who can you trust to set you up with 100% authentic social packages for Spotify, with no spam or bot-generated garbage in sight?

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Followers

Promotional services for Spotify are readily available, with hundreds of specialist growth companies to choose from. But when it comes to real social signals from legit members of the Spotify community, the available options are much thinner on the ground.

Based on what matters most – quality, safety, effectiveness, and affordable prices – the three best sites to buy Spotify plays and followers right now are as follows:

1 - Media Mister

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First up, Media Mister has been a trusted place to buy Spotify plays and followers since 2012. Specializing in premium social signals at comprehensively cheap prices, Media Mister guarantees nothing but 100% real products from active Spotify users. Run by a veteran team of experts with decades of combined experience, this is the place to head for organic engagement products of unbeatable quality.

There’s a diverse range of monetizable Spotify plays to choose from, including Track Plays, Album Plays, Playlist Plays, Podcast Plays, and more. You can also buy Spotify Profile Followers, Playlist Followers, and Greenroom Followers, which are available from a broad range of targeted markets (including the USA).

In terms of pricing, Media Mister keeps things seriously affordable across the board. Popular packages include 1,000 Spotify track plays for $5 and 5,000 Spotify track plays for $21. You can also buy 100 followers for $2 or a full 1,000 followers for $17. All of these are guaranteed to be as real as it gets, without a shred of spam in the mix. There’s even a full refund guarantee included with every order for added peace of mind.

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2 - GetAFollower

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Things are just as impressive over at GetAFollower, home to some of the cheapest, most active, and authentic social signals on the web. Arguably, GetAFollower is the safest place to buy real Spotify plays and followers. GetAFollower uses a manual, drip-feed delivery system to make the entire process look completely natural. No automation is involved – every single play and follower delivered comes from a real person in the normal way.

GetAFollower also excels in geo-targeted social signals, which for Spotify are available from a long list of major markets. From Argentina to Belgium to Brazil to Germany to the UK and the USA, you can target just about any audience with pinpoint precision with GetAFollower. Wherever you buy your plays and followers from, you’ll get the same 8-week retention warranty, which covers against ‘dropped’ products during this time.

No issues with pricing at GetAFollower - 1000 Spotify playlist plays can be yours for $7, while 2,500 Spotify playlist plays will cost you a mere $16. 500 legit Spotify followers can be bought for as little as $9, or why not step up to 5,000 followers for less than $80? All seriously good deals when considering the quality of what’s on offer, and a great way to boost the appeal of your profile for cheap.

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3 - Buy Real Media

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The bronze medal position in our rankings goes to Buy Real Media – another reputable and highly credible site to buy Spotify followers and plays. Simplicity is the order of the day at Buy Real Media, where the purchase process is kept as simple as possible. There’s a huge range of products to choose from, but the user interface makes the whole thing nice and easy.

You can pick up anything from a handful of followers to tens of thousands of views at a time, which in most cases, are delivered within 72 hours. Their customer support reps can be contacted by live chat via the Buy Real Media website, and you can place orders using almost any popular payment method (including some types of cryptocurrencies).

Package prices at Buy Real Media are hugely competitive - 5000 Spotify playlist plays will cost you just $30, or you can max out your order with 10,000 for just $57. They charge just $175 for 10,000 authentic followers or $435 for 25,000 followers – all of which are said to be as real and active as it gets. However, limited your budget may be, you’ll find something to make your money go further than you’d expect at Buy Real Media.

Benefits of Buying Spotify Play and Followers

Getting ahead on the world’s most popular and influential music streaming platform is about more than putting out great music. You need to invest heavily in creating a high-profile presence, which is where social signals can make all the difference.

Buying Spotify plays is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to make your music look more popular. The higher the play count, the more appealing and engaging a track becomes. Plays also carry a great deal of weight with the Spotify algorithm – the automated system that determines which tracks and artists are promoted on the platform.

Meanwhile, adding followers to your account instantly boosts your authority and influence. Popular artists on Spotify with thousands of followers naturally attract more attention than their less popular counterparts. The more followers you have, the more likely you are to be taken seriously by your target audience. To buy followers is to make a direct investment in your image, your influence, and your authority – three things that cannot usually be bought at any price.

How to Buy Spotify Plays and Followers?

Before placing an order with a Spotify growth specialist, a handful of quality and safety checks should be performed. Specifically, the following should be prioritized when shopping online for social signals of any kind:

Premium Quality Services

The only social signals that are worth buying are those which are 100% legit. Every play and follower you buy needs to be as real as it gets – completely authentic and delivered by a real Spotify user in the normal way. Any sign of spam in the mix could lead to the suspension of your Spotify account.

Drip-Feed Delivery

This refers to a delivery system that replicates the organic accumulation of plays and followers. Quick enough to get the job done as promptly as possible but also gradual enough to look organic. Always remember that the faster your social signals are delivered, the greater the risk of detection.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Irrespective of whether you buy 10 views or 1 million, you should still be covered by the same refund guarantee. A seller is only worth trusting if they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is. If they fail to get the job done as promised, you should be able to claim a full refund – it really is that simple.

Positive Customer Reviews

Taking the time to assess a seller’s reputation and track record before ordering is also a good idea. If they’ve stacked up plenty of positive feedback from satisfied customers, they’re probably a safe bet. If what you read points to a sketchy seller with a flawed background, probably not.

Secure Website

All personal information and payment details submitted during the order process should be safeguarded from harm. Payments should be SSL encrypted, and under no circumstances should you be asked to disclose any of your passwords. Unless safety and privacy are their top priorities, take your business elsewhere.

Customer Support

Last, you can tell a lot about a social engagement specialist by the quality of the customer support they provide. It should be made quick and easy to contact their reps on-demand, who should be willing and able to answer any questions you may have. And always with a positive and friendly attitude – no exceptions.

Each of the three sellers listed above was evaluated on the basis of these six metrics and, across the board, comfortably outperformed their closest competitors.


Can You Buy Spotify Plays and Followers?

Yes – you can buy as many plays and followers as you need to build a credible presence on Spotify. However, it is essential to ensure that every social signal you buy is 100% authentic – i.e., a real play/follower, actioned by a real person in the normal way.

Do these Spotify Plays and Followers Come from Real Accounts?

In the case of the three sellers outlined above, yes – all plays and followers come from real accounts. Each of these Spotify engagement specialists guarantees only 100% authentic social signals delivered by legit members of the Spotify community. This makes them as safe and effective as organic social signals.

Will I Be Banned for Buying Spotify Plays?

Not if the plays you buy are genuinely real. There’s no rule against paying active Spotify users to play your tracks. Spotify simply prohibits the use of fake accounts to generate spam social signals for marketing purposes. Fake plays and followers could see you suspended or banned from Spotify.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Spotify Engagements?

It depends on how many you order, but package prices with the three companies above start from as little as $2.00. Even for this, you still get a full money-back guarantee and an initial retention warranty for added peace of mind.


Tracking down the best sites to buy Spotify plays and followers can seem tricky, but is actually quite straightforward. You simply know what to look for in quality social signals and ensure the provider you’re looking at fits the bill.

Above all else, every product they sell needs to be 100% authentic – a real social signal from an active Spotify user, delivered in the normal way. Any use of bots, automation, or fake accounts could pave the way for suspension.

If in doubt, you can always seek clarification from the seller’s customer support team before placing your order. Something that will give you a good idea of the quality of what’s on offer and whether or not they’re worth doing business with.