"The recognition of professions is one of the major problems we are facing", said the president of ADHP, Fernando Garrido, in an interview with Lusa, noting that it is necessary to do with the profession as was done, for example, years ago for the cooking profession.

"What we think should be done is to make professions more attractive", said Fernando Garrido, defending advertising and marketing campaigns for these professions similar to those carried out to promote the country as a tourist destination.

"Convey that it is an interesting, engaging profession. That it is recognised in the market, because otherwise we won't even have professionals - because those who are without a profession and are looking for it won't come to the hotel business - and we won't have future students either", he explained.

Fernando Garrido gives an example of what has been done in some professions and which has resulted in an increase in interest in that type of work.

"We have schools training students, but we cannot forget that, despite being the so-called engine of the economy in recent years, the truth is that people do not find the profession 'sexy', that is, they do not see this medium as being interesting or attractive", he said.

"For example, a phenomenal job was done with the cooks, which has a lot to do with the issue of image. Nobody wanted to be a cook and they all became 'chefs'. Now, everyone wants to be a 'chef'. It helped a lot. It is this step that we have to take", he underlined, adding that "the very nomenclatures of the professions are not always attractive".

The official also defended that it is "essential that the government does the job of recognising the professions" in the hotel industry, noting that anyone, for example, can be a hotel director.

"Tourism is the future of the country and in order to receive well we have to have good professionals and constantly trained professionals. Schools (higher courses) are starting to have much fewer students, not only because of the demographic decrease but also because it is not attractive", he said.

"In this profession, people are always learning new things, it is extremely motivating and interesting, but the truth is that this is difficult to pass on to future professionals in the field", he lamented.