The Bologna Children's BookFair is a meeting point for publishers, authors, illustrators, literary agents, translators and all professionals working in the field of books for young people.

Portugal is present with the Directorate General for Books, Archives and Libraries, DGLAB, and a number of publishers dedicated to children's books and illustration. For the first time, Néveda Ent., a publisher based on the island of Pico, Azores, is also present.

"Participating in workshops, conversations and panels, getting to know entities from near and far, participating with our books in sweepstakes and many other means of promotion," says Terry Costa, "easily fills in time, surrounded by this sea of books from all corners of the world." From March 6th to 9th, Terry Costa takes the name of the Azores and works developed by the MiratecArts organization, that he presides, and published by Néveda Ent., founded in 2020, for a captivating audience. "Here, either you work in the field, or you love picture books, and that is much easier to do business and make friends."

Credits: Supplied Image; Author: Terry Costa;

Celebration with the Taiwanese team, to commemorate the first book by Yiwen Huang to be translated into Portuguese, was one of the special moments that took place on the very first day of the Fair. This is one of Néveda Ent.'s projects for 2023, thus also being its first experience, as a publisher, of translating and publishing a foreign book in Portugal. The book won the AnimaPIX Illustrated Book Award, and is now in the process of being translated with publishing expected by this Autumn.

"Taking the work of our collaborators and our mascot and publishing house name, Néveda, to be known by thousands of people, really gives a lot of pleasure and pride in what we do in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean," admits Terry Costa. "After all, the Azores have a presence, far from the archipelago, and well placed, with the illustration arts, in the largest illustrated children's book event on the planet."