According to the survey "Balanço 2022 & Perspetivas 2023", presented in Lisbon by the executive vice-president of AHP, Cristina Siza Vieira, of the 375 hotel establishments that responded to the survey (40% of members), 54% say they have already reached the operating levels recorded in 2019, the best tourist year in Portugal before the covid-19 pandemic, which began in 2020.

Already 25% of respondents expect to reach 2019 levels in the second half of this year, while 9% expect to achieve this in the first half.

“2022 was undoubtedly a good year compared to 2021, which was natural, because 2021 was still a year very marked by the pandemic, but even compared to 2019, therefore, it was not just a robust year from the point of view of the recovery, but it was a very vigorous recovery”, said Cristina Siza Vieira.

“Interesting year”

Similar to the results already advanced by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and by Turismo de Portugal, the hotel survey showed, according to the official, that “2022 was an interesting year”, with growth in terms of prices practiced in practically the entire country and “with some explosions, as is the case in Madeira”.

Cristina Siza Vieira noted that the growth in prices reflected the increase in inflation, but was also "following the growth in demand".

According to the survey, in 2022, the occupancy rate in national hotels stood at 61%, while the national average price per room (RevPAR) reached 73 euros.

In terms of markets, 87% of respondents placed Portugal in the top three issuers, 46% Spain and 37% the United Kingdom.

US market

The United States of America, on the other hand, appeared in the main three markets in the responses of 33% of those surveyed by AHP.

“The focus on the American market is a good bet, it has really given some very interesting results, because the American market responds”, underlined the executive vice-president of the association.

According to INE, which also considers hotel establishments, villages and tourist apartments and farms in Madeira, income from the tourist accommodation sector in 2022 more than doubled compared to 2021 and exceeded 2019 levels.

Compared to 2019, the highest growth was recorded in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (+29.8% in total revenue and +36.6% in revenue from accommodation). Total revenue and revenue from accommodation grew less in the Center (+9.3% and +14.4%, respectively) and in Área Metropolitana de Lisboa (+11.5% and +12.8%, in the same order).

Last year, according to INE, the average income per available room (RevPAR) reached 56.2 euros and increased by 72.5%, with growth of 74.8% in hotels, 81.6% in local accommodation and 18. 8% in tourism in rural areas and housing.