The spas, located in Chaves, in the district of Vila Real, began the spa season on February 1st, after, in 2022, having broken the record with 9,000 visitors, the “greatest number ever”.

For 2023, the spa has prepared new spa programmes and will, on Tuesday, launch a “new technological product” aimed at boosting spa tourism.

The newly created mobile app “Termas de Chaves – Turismo Termal” adds information about the thermal spas, tourist places to visit in the city, events taking place, places to eat and experiences to be carried out, such as Estrada Nacional 2 (EN2), which runs through the country from north to south (Chaves – Faro), or the hiking trails available in the region.

The application will be “regularly updated with new information about the thermal spa offer, the municipality and its tour operators”.

With a temperature of 76 degrees, the mineromedicinal water of Chaves is bicarbonated and rich in minerals, especially sodium, silica, fluoride and hydrogen carbonate.