"The PAACA [Support Program for Cultural Action of the Algarve] 2023 proposes to contribute to the growing correction of asymmetries in access to cultural enjoyment of populations while promoting the increasing qualification and training of cultural agents in the territory," explains DRCalg in a statement.

The note specifies that cultural agents can therefore apply for two areas of support, within the framework of PAACA, regardless of the cultural area whether that be creation, production or programming as well as circulation, with all activities having to take place in 2023, in the Algarve region.

In the analysis of the applications, it will be considered as a criterion of "valorisation of the projects presented", the existence "substantiated" of direct or indirect relationship with the contribution of culture to the objectives for sustainable development established in the 2030 Agenda.

On the other hand, other criteria will also be "valued", such as the fight against social exclusion and desertification of the interior of the Algarve, from a diversified and participatory cultural offer.

The program will also take into account the role of culture in raising awareness of issues such as respect for human rights, equality and non-discrimination, combating domestic violence, integrating Roma and other minority communities, promoting youth participation and the challenges posed by migration, among others.

According to the note, "the creation of partnerships and networks of collaboration, in a logic of artistic and cultural production in network, with various actors and organisms, such as municipalities, schools, foundations and other associative agents and/or the private sector, which may or may not be from the cultural sector", is another of the criteria for valuing the applications.

DRCalg indicates that in the area of creation and production, projects for the creation of shows in the scope of the performing arts, visual, plastic or digital arts, cinema, multimedia and digital media are eligible, and that may, or may not, include the presentation to the public.

In this last category, projects of artistic residencies, or periods of creation in the field of performing arts and visual arts, plastic or digital are included that integrate artists and professionals of the Algarve cultural sector or residents in the Algarve, and that may, or may not, include the presentation to the public.

As for the area of programming and circulation, PAACA includes festivals, cycles, itinerancies or competitions in the various domains of the performing arts (dance, music, theatre, contemporary circus and disciplinary crossings).

This area of support also includes cycles or exhibitions of cinema, multimedia or digital art, as well as itinerancy and exhibitions of plastic or visual arts, concludes DRCalg.