Residents of Duleek village are no strangers to recent Lotto success, following another €8.9 million jackpot win in October last year.

Bowe’s EuroSpar in the centre of Duleek village sold the all-important winning Quick Pick ticket on the day of the draw and the National Lottery has confirmed that the winning ticket holder has made contact and arrangements are now being made for the prize to be collected.

Store owner Shane Bowe, who is officially celebrating 12 months in business at the EuroSpar store in Duleek, said: “It is an incredible story. In such a short space of time, two Lotto jackpots have been won in such a small, one-street village such as Duleek.

“I am thrilled for the local community and my customers who have been incredibly supportive to me in my first year as owner of the store. When the previous Lotto jackpot was won down the street from us late last year, we may have been a little covetous of the celebrations and the big fuss that was made.

“But here we are six months later, and we’ll be the ones popping the champagne to toast one of our customers becoming a multi-millionaire! It’s great for this amazing village and we send our best wishes to our lucky customer, whoever it may be!”

The latest Meath winner becomes the 4th Lotto jackpot winner and 11th National Lottery millionaire of 2023.