Paulo and Elza Lopes, from Casaibéria Real Estate, are heading to the United States to participate in a global conference organised by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ® (LeadingRE).

Elza Lopes founded Casaibéria 16 years ago alongside the company’s development director, Rainer Beck. Since establishing their office in Lagoa they’ve expanded across the Algarve and into Lisbon.

They made the decision to join “LeadingRE” and its luxury marketing division, Luxury Portfolio International® (LPI), in 2022. Membership to “LeadingRE”, is awarded to select companies that have demonstrated excellence in service, delivery and results.

This conference will bring together nearly 2000 participants from 25 countries. Various sessions will be held around topics including the latest trends and strategies in real estate marketing and technology; the impact of social media and video; data security; and the value of community engagement.

Paulo was asked to participate as a speaker for a panel discussing “What’s Working, What’s Not Working and Managing Seller Expectations in a Changing Landscape” following a presentation he gave on a recent webinar held by “LeadingRE”. Currently, he is the only European speaking on the panel, with the hope that he will be able to provide a fresh perspective on the European luxury real estate market.

He will share insights the company has gained from working with such a diverse clientele, as well as how the team at Casaibéria tailors their approach to each of their clients.

Paulo will also discuss why he believes it’s crucial to have a strong and consistent online presence. Over the last year he’s learnt how important it is to have a creative in-house marketing team working alongside a skilled administrative and commercial team.

He stated: “Our team is diverse and consists of people from different backgrounds and of different ages.”

“In our offices we have younger people who come with different ideas, often at the beginning of their careers, working alongside those who have been in the real estate field for longer, and who have more experience. This has provided a great opportunity for knowledge-sharing and growth.”

Aside from being one of the original founders, Elza Lopes is also the top seller in the company of properties that fall into the high-end sector. She’s shared how excited she is for the opportunity to attend this conference.

“This is a great chance for us to expand within the international luxury market. I’m looking forward to connecting with others who are working in the same industry, as well as those who want to find out more about our beautiful country of Portugal.”